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Direct-drive Actuator

The actuators used in Minitaur are now available as a module including motor, controller, and mounting plate that doubles as heatsink.

Minitaur Robot


Easy to use: the modules interface with our custom mainboard controllers using PWM over a standard RJ45 (ethernet cable) and XT60 power connectors.

Full featured control: full impedance and position control are possible.

Actuator transparency: high torque when you want it, excellent backdrivability when you don't.

High bandwidth: direct-drive delivers unparalleled actuator bandwidth.

Tech Specs


Reflected Inertia: 0.0001 kgm2

Static Friction: 0.056 Nm

Kinetic Friction: 0.023 Nm

Viscous Friction: 0.00013 Nm/(rad/s)

Backlash: none


Continuous torque: 0.85 Nm

Peak torque: 3.5 Nm

No-load speed (16V): 27 rev/s

Peak power (16V): 240 W

Encoder resolution: 4096 counts/rev

Actuation frequency: full rotation up to 20Hz

Mass: 360 g

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