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Ghost MEgataur

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Ghost Megataur is a large legged robotic development platform. Its high-torque brushless outrunner motors and specialized leg design let this machine run and jump over difficult terrain. High-speed and high-resolution encoders let the machine see the ground through the motors and adapt faster than the blink of an eye.

Minitaur Robot


  • Easy to use: the robot can be driven around by joystick out of the box using different gaits
  • Versatile legged machine: the 2DOF legs are good for more than just running, they can sense and exert precise forces and do basic manipulation
  • Sensor integration platform: Industry-standard Picatinny rails and onboard SPI, I2C and UART ensures additional sensors can enable autonomy

Tech Specs


Length (hip to hip): 0.7 m

Width (hip to hip): 0.4 m

Height (max): 0.75 m

Mass: 25 kg

Payload: 17kg when running, more when walking/standing

Endurance: 30 minutes continuous high-speed running, 3 hours standing

Future Performance

Self manipulation

Whole body manipulation


Running speed: 3 m/s

Turning speed: 1 rad/s

Vertical jump displacement: 0.5 m

What's included

  • Fully assembled Ghost Megataur quadrupedal robot
  • Arduino-compatible robot microcontroller based on STM32F303 @ 72+ MHz with micro SD logging and all necessary software
  • Robot remote control (either Wii Nunchuck or 6 Channel R/C remote)
  • Battery: 8S (33.4V) hardcase LiPo
  • Battery charger capable of full charge in 2 hours
  • Picatinny rail system for payload/sensor/manipulator attachment
  • Full operation manual describing basic robot operation as well as custom gait and behavior development and additional sensor integration

Optional extras

  • Spare battery

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