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Direct-drive quadruped robot

Ghost Minitaur™ is a medium-sized legged robot platform. Its high-torque brushless outrunner motors and specialized leg design let this machine run and jump over difficult terrain. High-speed and high-resolution encoders let the machine see the ground through the motors and adapt faster than the blink of an eye.


Easy to use: the robot can be driven around by joystick out of the box, using different gaits.

Versatile legged machine: the 2DOF legs are good for more than just running. They can sense and exert precise forces, and do basic manipulation.

Sensor integration: industry-standard Picatinny rails and onboard SPI, I2C and UART ensure that additional sensors can enable autonomy.

Unique: Minitaur is the first direct-drive legged robot using conventional rotary electric motors.

Tech Specs


Running speed: 2.0 m/s

Turning speed: 1 rad/s

Sideways crabbing speed: 0.04 m/s

Vertical jump displacement: 0.48 m


Length (hip to hip): 0.4 m

Width (toe to toe, standing height): 0.28 m

Mass: 6 kg

Payload: 3kg

Endurance: 20 minutes (heavy use)

Use cases

Gait Research: the four 2DOF legs can be programmed with a wide variety of gaits (including bounding, pronking, walking, and trotting) to explore the tradeoffs of efficiency and power at various speeds and with different payloads

Sensor Platform: in addition to the internal IMU and excellent proprioception, Minitaur is an great sensor platform capable of moving sensors around in the environment as well as controlling the field of view

What's included

  • Fully assembled Minitaur quadrupedal robot
  • Arduino-compatible robot microcontroller based on STM32F303 @ 72+ MHz with micro SD logging and all necessary software
  • Robot remote control
  • Battery: 4S (16.8V) hardcase LiPo
  • Picatinny rail system for payload/sensor/manipulator attachment
  • Full operation manual (online) describing basic robot operation as well as custom gait and behavior development and additional sensor integration

Optional extras

  • Spare battery

Getting started guide

CONTACT: Jiren Parikh CEO

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