Join Ghost on the Ground Floor

Ghost Robotics is small, but our ideas and vision are big.  To reach our potential we need to hire the very best talent.

We offer a flexible work environment, competitive compensation including equity and benefits. Most important, we offer challenging and complex problems that need to be solved to bring our legged robots to life. 



Philadelphia | City of Endless Neighborhoods

Our offices are in the city of Philadelphia, on the University of Pennsylvania's Pennovation R&D and Innovation campus where the school of engineering and renowned Penn GRASP and PERCH robotics labs are located. 


Philadelphia is a vibrant city and 5th largest metropolitan region in the United States with NYC, Washington DC, Mid-Atlantic shoreline and Pennsylvania wilderness accessible by car or train in short-order.  With a large university population, world-class cultural and historical attractions, museums, food, music, sports and entertainment scene, it is a city with a mix of historic charm, working class grit and modern conveniences.

While it's well known for its manufacturing, life sciences, medicine and established large technology businesses, it is becoming a hub of robotics and AI innovation with Qualcomm recently opening doors to its new robotics R&D center and keeping great company with many early and growing robotics, AI and IoT innovators.

Applying for Position

If you don't see an opening that is a fit for you, but motivated to make a difference across all functions including R&D, sales, marketing, manufacturing or operations, we encourage you to send your resume for future opportunities.


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