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Singapore Ministry of Homeland Affairs HTX Launch

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong gives the Vision 60 a shakedown

Australian Gov't Department of Defence 

Ghost Vision 60s Deploy for Field Exercises with Heavy Asset Vehicles

Penn Today | DARPA SubT Project

University of Penn Engineering Team creates Fleet of Exploration Robots

BAE Systems at Modern Day Marine

Ghost Vision 60 Asset & Warfighter Protection at Modern Day Marine, Quantico

Australian Army Day 

Ghost Vision 60 Pilot Bots Debut with Australian Army, Canberra, AU

Robotics Business Review

Lessons from First Leg of DARPA SubT Challenge, Pittsburgh, PA

NVIDIA GTC | NVIDIA and Ghost Robotics Collaboration

Agile & Dexterous Bot, San Jose, CA

DARPA  | SubT Challenge Selection

Ghost Selected by Multiple Teams to Participate in DARPA Challenge


Janes Int'l Defense Review | AUVSI Xponential Denver, CO

Ghost  Unveils Prototype Vision Series Q-UGV Platform


AUVSI Defense Conference | Wash, DC

Ghost Robotics Wins  AUVSI Innovation Challenge sponsored by NAMC


Discovery Channel Canada -Daily Planet

New Flex-Frame Minitaur at AUVSI's Unmanned Show Dallas, TX



Ghost Robotics Minitaur Demonstrates Impressive Skills


Robotics & Automation News 

Ghost Robotics Launches Robot Platform for Autonomous Vehicle 



The Minitaur Looks Dainty, but is Actually Hardcore



Fence-Climbing Robot Could be Priced within Your Reach


The Verge

Only Ice Can Slow Down The Terrifying Fence-Climbing Robot


Popular Science

New Legged Robot Wants to Wobble, Crawl and Bounce



Watch Upgraded Ghost Minitaur Robot S cramble Over Ice


NBC News | Technology

New Robots Look Freaky But Can Do Amazing Things



Acrobatic Minitaur Robot will Definitely Improve Your Day


Business Insider 

This Dog-Like Robot Can Scale Fences and Open Doors


Signal | AFCEA

This 4-Legged Robot Can Leap, Balance and Crouch


Daily Mail

Minitaur Climbs Fences and Opens Doors with Adorable Ease


New Atlas

Mini Quadruped Robot May Bound its Way Into Your Heart

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