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US Navy Special Warfare Modernization

Transformational and Disruptive Technologies

USAF ABMS Exercise

Innovators are Target at USAF ABMS Industry Day

Australian Army Future Land Warfare

Australian Army Robotics & Autonomous Systems Goes All In with Horrie & Kuga

Singapore Ministry of Homeland Affairs HTX Launch

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong gives the Vision 60 a shakedown

Australian Gov't Department of Defence 

Ghost Vision 60s Deploy for Field Exercises with Heavy Asset Vehicles

Penn Today | DARPA SubT Project

University of Penn Engineering Team creates Fleet of Exploration Robots

BAE Systems at Modern Day Marine

Ghost Vision 60 Asset & Warfighter Protection at Modern Day Marine, Quantico

Australian Army Day 

Ghost Vision 60 Pilot Bots Debut with Australian Army, Canberra, AU

NVIDIA GTC | NVIDIA and Ghost Robotics Collaboration

Agile & Dexterous Bot, San Jose, CA

DARPA  | SubT Challenge Selection

Ghost Selected by Multiple Teams to Participate in DARPA Challenge


Janes Int'l Defense Review | AUVSI Xponential Denver, CO

Ghost  Unveils Prototype Vision Series Q-UGV Platform


AUVSI Defense Conference | Wash, DC

Ghost Robotics Wins  AUVSI Innovation Challenge sponsored by NAMC


Discovery Channel Canada -Daily Planet

New Flex-Frame Minitaur at AUVSI's Unmanned Show Dallas, TX



Ghost Robotics Minitaur Demonstrates Impressive Skills


Robotics & Automation News 

Ghost Robotics Launches Robot Platform for Autonomous Vehicle 



The Minitaur Looks Dainty, but is Actually Hardcore



Fence-Climbing Robot Could be Priced within Your Reach


The Verge

Only Ice Can Slow Down The Terrifying Fence-Climbing Robot


Popular Science

New Legged Robot Wants to Wobble, Crawl and Bounce



Watch Upgraded Ghost Minitaur Robot S cramble Over Ice


NBC News | Technology

New Robots Look Freaky But Can Do Amazing Things



Acrobatic Minitaur Robot will Definitely Improve Your Day


Business Insider 

This Dog-Like Robot Can Scale Fences and Open Doors

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